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where is the Sony tab z4 !!!!!Reda Zimirli
Samsung galaxy tab A 9.7KinqMcnuggetEATER FTW
haha! the part where the mom comes in and kills the mood was too hilarious.frost251976
I have a tablet all y'all nigges who don't have one poor for youallen lala
Respect your mama, you only get one. You can edit later.Jay McCain
please look into the specs a bit more and stop being apple fan boys, there is more important things than looksLiam Docherty
"ne-vidia"Jimmy Puppo
ass this videoPoppy T
have toy heard about the Z2 tablet ??joker fun
Well done Boys, Real to life Video, "The Fish" AustraliaJohn Fischer
Very organized and informative. Thank you. I enjoy watching this video, would be enjoy even more if you let "Mom" into the room, a plus.Buck Seto
This was very helpful, and I got a good laugh when your mother came in. Regardless, gentlemen you were very helpful.Everett Edwards
you guys don't have a clue. the ipad air? really? that's a horrible device. so is the ipad pro. in fact, anything made by crApple is absolute crap. can't believe you guys actually made a vid about this, and those were your choices. the surface pro 3 or 4 are ten times better than anything apple puts out there. a full computer versus crap. the choice is easy.Stev We
Tab s2 torture test my channelmanukahoney thailand
galaxy s2Ian LaRue
Hey guys, thanks for helping an old man choose a tablet to purchase, BUT you young men need to get off of this craze on these I pad product's that is unless you don't mind paying for something that you never own, think about it, you can't do anything with a I product with out having the I corp charge you for it, along with controlling it the entirety of its life, anyways, good video, keep up helping us dinosaurs out here, smile. RichRich s
Tell your mum I said hi. Thanks for the upload.Bart Alder
Hahaha what did his mom actually say? That was hilarious. gii SB
What About the apple iPad min 4 and which one is better min 4 or nexus 9 or galaxy tab s2 8``mena harby
the others just trying wrecking their gadgets but why they can donate it on the others like them you me all...!Myra Oprenario
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